04: Your Name / The Dark Crystal (feat. Wit and Folly / Ty Black)

In this episode of Jakku Broadcast, Daniela and Melissa are joined by Ty Black (Wit and Folly / What The Force podcast / Twitter) to analyze Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) and Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal and their relation to Star Wars (specifically focused on the sequel trilogy).

Warning: We discuss some potential spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker and the 3rd season of Stranger Things. Time codes for spoiler talk: 24:34 – 25:30 (TROS); 37:35 – 38:00 (ST) ; 1:21:33 – 1:22:13 (TROS)

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“Try for Some Remorse” A Look At Palpatine’s Role In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

It has been said by many, including the creator: George Lucas that Star Wars is a children’s story. Star Wars largely encompasses themes of forgiveness, redemption, compassion, and hope. Dave Filoni himself has stated that “There’s a redemption for most characters– if not all characters– in Star Wars films and there’s an arc and a path to when they let go and stop being selfish.” This is an important read to have on the Star Wars franchise when going into The Rise of Skywalker because we can assume that Kylo Ren, the wayward son of Han and Leia, is on a path towards redemption. He and Rey are set to right the wrongs of the generations that came before them. My personal read of the story makes me think that we will get a happy ending where Ben Solo comes back to the light and his family. I believe he will be forgiven and given a chance at his new life, a life that Anakin was never able to live. So where does Palpatine’s ending fall in all of this?

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